Bahan Kimia dalan YOUTH?

Q: YOUTH is formulated in accordance with the “Free of” list. What is the “Free of” list and why is it a big deal?

Our current “Free of” list for YOUTH is an excess of 2,500 questionable chemicals that we chose NOT to use when formulating our new YOUTH skin care products. 

The fact that we’ve been able to deliver clinically proven and demonstrable benefits in products that are a delight to use without relying on all of these questionable chemicals is really a breakthrough.

This was not easy to accomplish! If there was ever an ingredient that has any question about its potential safety on skin, we put it on our “Free of” list.

If we could find a safe alternative to any questionable chemical and preferably sourced from nature, we did that.

Shaklee has unparalleled quality and safety standards in the industry and we followed the strictest standards when formulating YOUTH.

A great example of the use of our “Free of” list is the sun protection system in our Age Defense Mineral Moisturizer SPF 30. Sun protection is the best thing you can do for your skin from an anti-aging and health perspective.

There are many chemical-based sun filters that are approved by FDA, but we chose to look to nature and develop our mineral SPF moisturizer with one of the only FDA approved nature-based sunscreens, Zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is naturally derived, it is mineral-based, and it is one of the most effective and safest broad-spectrum sunscreens approved by the FDA.


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